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Visions United is an idea ensconced within the philosophy of partnership. It envisages providing customised services across all segments of Human Resource interventions for both individual and corporate outfits that will help establish a robust platform or strengthen the basic foundation of any organisation – “Human Resource”. The customised services are woven within the organisational values,ethics, culture and objectives.

HR Consulting Service

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Our services bring forth a strategic synthesis of all the key drivers within the human resource function that an entity needs to know, manage and deliver. Hence, recruitment, on boarding, policy making and other critical components that make HR are studied and evaluated in conformance with the specific organisational needs, culture and demands, such that the offering/service is tailor made and effective for the purpose it is mandated.


At Visions United, we take a holistic approach to helping you manage your business and your most important investment – your employees. Our flexible solutions are never one-size-fits-all, but rather are customized to meet the individual needs of each and every client. Further, our team is experienced in all aspects of Human Resources, enabling us to provide full life cycle support.

Andrea Adams

Company Name: The Aspiring CEO.
Designation: Developer

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Pat Spencer

Company Name: Music Co.
Designation: Manager

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